Book binding and Restoration

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Book binding and Restoration

Сообщение Theodore » 18.06.2018 20:33:44


Does anybody have experience with restoring a book? I just got a copy of Greenough's "Second Year Latin" from Alibris and the binding/cover is in sad condition. If I am to use the book it will need restoration. If the cost isn't prohibitive, then I would consider it. A sad but interesting defacement is the dictionary pages have been "indexed" by cutting out a strip on the page edge and each "tab" marked with a letter. Don't think that can be fixed. But the binding should be possible so that the spine and the cover don't fail. I have a lead on the local binder for the library here in town, but I wondered if other prople had gone this route and what they felt about the results vs. cost.

Please help.

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Re: Book binding and Restoration

Сообщение Одессит » 18.06.2018 23:57:48

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